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4X4 SUVs

We have 3 Overland vehicles available: Nissan Pathfinder, Dodge Dakota pick up and a Chevy Suburban. This SUVs are perfect for couples and families that seek the best road trip in Baja. Completely equipped for on road and off road use, this will take you in comfort and safety wherever you want.


If your plans are to road trip in Baja and spend the night at a hotel , this is what you are looking for.

pathfinder 1.jpg


Nothing beats spending the night under the stars hearing the waves as you fall asleep. With this package, the SUV comes with all the basic camping gear you´ll need.

pathfinder canastilla.jpg


For the ultimate explorers, that want to go further to sleep under the starts, without sacrificing comfort. With this completely equipped overland SUV, you will have no limits on where you can go and spend the night.

pathfinder overland.jpg
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