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Frecuently Asked Questions

How does Baja Road Trip rental equipment works?

As an online shop, you just add to your cart the items or kit you want to rent for your roadtrip in Baja, choose how you want to pay, either online or on site, and that´s it!!. We will send you a confirmation email with the equipment of your choice so we can set a time and date of pick up. The rental price of our equipment is for 24 hours. If you rent any one of our vehicles, the rental price for any of the extra equipment will be the price listed for the whole duration of your rental.

Where are you based?

We are based in La Paz, Mexico, the best place to start your road trip, due to our geographical location. We are located 2:30 hours away from San Jose del Cabo International Airport and 4 hours away from Loreto.

Where and when can I pick up and drop off my rental equipment?

You can pick your rental equipment in our warehouse in La Paz and we can set a pick up time depending on the time of your arrival to La Paz. We can coordinate drop off during pick up. We are very flexible about rental time, so please tell us about your plans and itinerary, and for sure we can work something out.

Where do I have to pick up and return de 4X4 SUVs or Campervan?

We are based in La Paz, Mexico and all our vehicles have to be picked up and return here.

How can I pay for the rental vehicles and equipment?

You can pay online and on site, using any credit, debit card, cash or contact us if you prefer a wire transfer or paypal. Prices in this webpage are in mexican pesos (mxn).

Is it safe to travel and camp in Baja?

Baja California Sur is one of the safest states in Mexico, so traveling and camping is very safe. Even when traveling is very safe, many areas are remote and without cellphone signal, so let us help planning your trip, we have great recommendations of roads, campsites, beaches and places you can go.  The most challenging the place to get to, the less people you are going to find, so its better to be prepare with the right equipment in case of an emergency. The most common problem road tripping in Baja is getting stuck at in the sand.

Where can I buy groceries and supplies for my road trip?

La Paz have all the mayor supermarkets, convenience stores and mini markets are located in mayor highways; local markets where you can find fresh meat and fish, drogstores on every corner of La Paz. Gas stations sometime can be very far appart depending on the highway, so plan ahead.

Do you run guided expedition or road trips?

We run private and custom made expeditions and offer all kind of ocean safaris and marine expedition through our partners in Shark Encounters Mexico, check them out! If you want a guided road trip or camp, let us know and we can work something out.

When is the best season to road trip and camp in Baja?

Here in Baja we have two seasons: The cold season that runs, from December to April, when the ambient temperatures is between 28-12°C and the water temperature is between 24-16°C. And the hot season, May-November, when the highest temperatures are reached in August and September and can be up to 40°C during the day, so it´s hot!. Usually hot weather can be more uncomfortable when camping, but the ocean temperatures is the best on the summer months, so it will depend on what you prefer. Road trip in Baja can be done any time of the year.

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