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We are hard core Baja lovers, marine biologists and explorers, that want to share one of the most amazing places in the world with everyone seeking for adventure and a different type a tourism. 

Baja and more concretely La Paz is an amazing place to find real ecoturism thanks to its vastness, diversity and location. Even when the city has everything a capital city needs, the true wonders of this lands are located in the surroundings, and getting in a car and drive, is by far the best way to experience it. Through the years, we start gearing up, from the very basics to a complete overland setup, and after 11 years of traveling in Baja, there is still much to see. That´s why, we decide to create BAJA ROAD TRIP, so we can offer travelers seeking the same thrill of the road that we have, all the quality equipment they need for doing so in comfort. From a simple beach umbrella, all the way up a complete overland setup, we can provide all the gear that we know it works great, and that we can back up with years of experience and aventures. 

BAJA ROAD TRIP is not only a rental equiment company, but consider it as your personal concierge for road trippin and expeditions in Baja, Mexico.

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