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2. Mobula season is on fire!!! This incredible elasmobranchs can form schools of thousands


From May to July, the Gulf of California is home of the largest mobula ray migration in the world, presenting a true spectacle of nature.  Baja California Sur is the best place to witness this astounding event and a multi-day expedition is the best way to maximize the true Baja experience.

For the first time ever in Baja, Shark Encounters Mexico presents a unique way on enjoying this magnus event of nature, by merging ourselves with nature itself in “Camp Mobula”. This unique eco-glamping experience, is based at Cerralvo Island, the heart of marine mega fauna sightings during the spring and summer in southern Baja, and of course, a hot spot for mobula rays.

In this four day three night expedition, you will experience the best the Gulf of California has to offer during  spring/summer months, eco-glamping in a pristine Island, completely unhabituated and sleeping between the desert and the sea. Camp Mobula has the goal to offer amazing wildlife encounters while getting away of civilization and become one with nature. During our expedition, you will not only spend a lot of time at sea, but also you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the desert, that creates one of the most unique and special contrasts Baja has to offer. 

Contact is to join any of our Open Ocean Safaris that are a great complement for your road trips in Baja.

NO certification needed.

Minimum age- 12 years old.

For full details, download the PDF.

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